Why Is My Order Failing

May 15, 2023

On rare occasions you may find that your payment gets declined when going through check-out, leading to a failed order. If a payment does get declined you will normally receive an email from our payment processor confirming the order failed along with the reason your payment was declined. The order will also show a ‘failed’ status within the My Account area under your Orders. To help you understand the reasons, please see below.

AVS Policy:
This means that the address and/or post code you have entered during checkout does not exactly match the one the card is registered to. We recommend simply double-checking the details and trying again.

Not Authorised:
This is a decline from your bank, if they don’t recognise the transaction they may not authorise the payment, leading to a decline. In these instances simply contact your bank and they will normally unblock your card whilst you are on the phone to them, allowing you to complete checkout normally.

Invalid CVV/Expiry
These declines are just from inputting the incorrect expiry date or 3-digit security code found on the rear of the card. Please check your details and try again.


If you still continue to have problems please call our customer service line 0800 011 4319 from 9am-5pm mon-fri


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